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NHRC vows to tackle human rights violation

The National Human Rights Commission is determined to address emerging human rights violations in Nigeria. During a training organized by the United Nations, Executive Secretary Tony Ojukwu emphasized the importance of combating human trafficking within the country, highlighting poverty and insecurity as contributing factors.

"As we focus on irregular migration and smuggling across our borders, it is important that we do not lose sight of trafficking within Nigeria. This is becoming an epidemic triggered by the vulnerabilities already mentioned above.”

“As human rights advocates and frontline defenders, staff of the National Human Rights stand on a strong legal and institutional footing to tackle this present and emerging styles of human rights violations.”

Speaking at the event, a senior human rights adviser, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Adwoa Kufuor-Owusu, noted migration is often accompanied by challenges which can lead to violations of the human rights of migrants if not properly managed and safeguarded.

Kufuor-Owusu, stated that “Migration is an area where the NHRC has a critical role to play in enhancing the protection of the human rights of migrants and ensuring that the human rights of migrants are upheld, respected, and protected throughout their journey.



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