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Bristol and Bath Universities help students combat move out waste

To help students reduce waste when moving out, universities in Bath and Bristol are offering thousands of donated items to freshers. The University of Bristol has even started Take a Plate events where freshers can pick up free kitchenware. Student living officer, Izzy Russell, said it has been successful and hopes these schemes can be implemented nationwide.

Take a Plate has received over 1000 donated items from departing students in June, helping around 250 new students save money on kitchenware this term. These items, in good condition, would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. Eliott Marceau, an international student at the University of Bristol, shared that he feels bad when buying things and only using them for a short time. He appreciates this scheme as it provides a solution for what to do with these items. It's really great!

The University of Bath has partnered up with the local Share and Repair shop.

After being tested to check they are safe, hundreds of left-behind electrical goods are resold to new students arriving in the city.

Lorna Montgomery, founder of Share and Repair, said: "Young people are the future, we want them to take on this mantle of repair and repurpose.

"Hopefully we will see more students get involved over time."



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