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Trending News In Nigeria - 4th Of July 2024

Heavy Downpour Causes Massive Flood in Lagos:

Prolonged rainfall has led to severe flooding in residential areas and major roads in Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos State. Residents are urged to stay indoors and avoid flooded areas for their safety. The government is working on emergency measures to alleviate the situation.

Wike Dares Kingibe in £2K Versace Coat:

The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Nyesom Wike, responded to Senator Ireti Kingibe's comments during a recent program. Wike's bold fashion statement has sparked discussions on social media. Many are debating the appropriateness of such displays by public officials.

Manipulated Video of Terrorists’ Invasion:

The Police have dismissed a trending video claiming terrorists were migrating from Benin Republic to Nigeria. Authorities have urged the public to verify information before sharing. This incident highlights the dangers of misinformation.

Police Arrest 18 Over Violent Protest in Benue:

Authorities have detained 18 individuals involved in a violent protest in Benue State. The protest was reportedly over local government issues. The police are maintaining a strong presence to prevent further unrest.

China Condemns Killing of Nationals in DR Congo Attack:

The Chinese government has condemned the killing of its nationals in a recent attack in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This incident has raised concerns about the safety of foreign nationals in conflict zones. Diplomatic efforts are underway to address the situation.

Police Crackdown on Illegal Tinted Glasses in Akwa Ibom:

A new initiative targets illegal tinted glasses, sirens, and covered plates in Akwa Ibom State. The crackdown aims to enhance security and reduce crime. Vehicle owners are advised to comply with the regulations to avoid penalties.

WHO and Ondo State Team Up to Prevent Cholera Outbreak:

Efforts are underway to prevent a potential cholera outbreak in Ondo State. The collaboration includes public health campaigns and improved sanitation measures. Residents are encouraged to practice good hygiene to prevent the spread of the disease.

UNIBEN Management May Shut Down Over Protests:

The University of Benin management is considering shutting down the institution due to ongoing protests. The protests are related to student grievances over fees and facilities. Discussions are ongoing to find a resolution and avoid disruption of academic activities.

Businesses Grounded as Flood Overtakes Lagos:

A 10-hour rainfall has severely impacted businesses and caused a house to collapse in Lagos. Many businesses are facing significant losses due to the flooding. Authorities are assessing the damage and planning relief efforts.

28-Year-Old Son Kills Anglican Priest Dad in Delta:

A tragic incident occurred in Delta State where a son killed his father, an Anglican priest. The motive behind the crime is still under investigation. The community is in shock and mourning the loss.

Vehicle Importation Down by 45% Over Forex Crisis:

The forex crisis has led to a significant drop in vehicle importation. Importers are struggling with high exchange rates and limited availability of foreign currency. This situation is affecting the automotive market and related industries.

NPA Can Repay Port Reconstruction Loan:

The Nigerian Ports Authority has assured that it can repay the loan for port reconstruction. The project aims to modernize port facilities and improve efficiency. Stakeholders are optimistic about the positive impact on trade and logistics.

Edo APC and PDP Trade Words Over Obaseki's Popularity:

Political tensions rise as Edo State's APC and PDP clash over Governor Obaseki's popularity. Both parties are gearing up for the upcoming elections. The political landscape in Edo State remains highly competitive.

Euro 2024: Ronaldo's Portugal Struggles Continue:

Portugal's struggles continue ahead of their showdown with France. Fans are concerned about the team's performance and prospects in the tournament. Ronaldo's leadership will be crucial in turning things around.

Fans Want Joshua to Beat Southgate After Subpar England Displays:

Fans express their desire for Anthony Joshua to take on Gareth Southgate following England's poor performances. The humorous suggestion reflects the frustration of football fans. England's team is under pressure to improve their game.

Ebi Wishes Falcons Luck in Paris:

Nigerian footballer Ebi sends her best wishes to the Super Falcons ahead of their match in Paris. The team is preparing for a crucial game in the tournament. Fans are hopeful for a strong performance from the Falcons.

Family Economic Advancement Programme Commences Registration:

The FEAP has started registration for the year 2024. The program aims to support families with economic opportunities and resources. Eligible families are encouraged to register and benefit from the initiative.

LAMATA and AFD Break Ground on Mile 2/Marina Interchange Hubs:

A new infrastructure project has begun in Lagos. The interchange hubs are expected to improve transportation and reduce traffic congestion. This development is part of the broader efforts to modernize Lagos' infrastructure.

Raymmond and HotKid Set to Release New Song:

Rising stars Raymmond and HotKid are set to release their much-anticipated single, “No Panic.” Fans are eagerly awaiting the new track. The duo has been gaining popularity in the Nigerian music scene.

Minimum Wage Saga Rolls On:

The debate over minimum wage continues to be a hot topic. Workers are demanding fair wages to cope with the rising cost of living. The government is under pressure to address the issue and find a sustainable solution.

### Nigerian Diaspora News

Nigeria Recorded $19.5bn Diaspora Remittances in 2023:

The World Bank reports that Nigeria received $19.5 billion in remittances from its diaspora in 2023. This significant inflow of funds highlights the economic impact of the Nigerian diaspora. Remittances play a crucial role in supporting families and driving development.

103 Nigerians Deported from Turkey Arrive in Abuja:

A group of 103 Nigerians deported from Turkey has arrived back in Abuja. The deportees are being assisted by government agencies to reintegrate into society. This incident underscores the challenges faced by Nigerians abroad.

Anthony Joshua May Regain IBF Title in September:

Nigerian-British boxer Anthony Joshua is set to potentially regain his IBF title in September. Fans are excited about his upcoming fight and hopeful for his victory. Joshua's success continues to inspire many in the Nigerian diaspora.

Consul-General Woos Nigerians in US on Ideas and Investments:

The Nigerian Consul-General in the US is encouraging Nigerians to invest and share ideas. This initiative aims to strengthen ties between Nigeria and its diaspora. The Consul-General's efforts are expected to boost economic and cultural exchanges.

Over 71k Nigerians Obtained Canadian Citizenship Within 19 Years:

Canada reports that over 71,000 Nigerians have become Canadian citizens over the past 19 years. This statistic reflects the growing Nigerian community in Canada. The diaspora's contributions to their new home countries are widely recognized. more stories.

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