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Documentary Premiere On Canadians Who Rescued Lives During The Nigerian Civil War

"OPERATION LIGHTS OUT" unveils a forgotten chapter in Canadian history, shedding light on the unsung heroes who played a pivotal role in saving over a million lives during the Nigerian Civil War, also known as the "Biafran War."

In 1967, Nigeria was plunged into a brutal civil conflict triggered by ethnic tensions. South-Eastern Nigeria declared its independence, forming the Republic of Biafra. The ensuing war brought unimaginable suffering, with hunger and disease devastating the Biafran population, especially women and children, resulting in more than two million deaths and the forced displacement of hundreds of thousands.

Amidst this darkness, a story of hope, heroism, and humanity emerged. Award-winning Nigerian-Canadian filmmaker Angela Onuora shares this remarkable narrative in her documentary, "Operation Lights Out - The Story of Canairelief."

The film chronicles the extraordinary efforts of Canairelief, a group primarily led by members of The Presbyterian Church in Canada, whose actions ultimately saved over a million Biafran lives.



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