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Another Nigerian Bags Government Appointment In US

•Dr. Joseph Rankin appointed Commissioner for Black Affairs in Oregon State, fostering human rights advocacy and community engagement

In a thrilling development, Dr. Joseph Rankin, originally from Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, has received confirmation as a Commissioner for Black Affairs in Oregon State by the Senate Rules Committee. Governor Tina Kotex nominated Dr. Rankin earlier this month, and his confirmation was officially announced last Friday.

Governor Tina Kotex's Executive Appointments Manager, Shawneen O'Brien-Lee, conveyed her congratulations to the newly appointed Commissioners, expressing the Governor's best wishes for Dr. Joseph Rankin's successful tenure and that of his fellow Commissioners.

Prior to taking on this significant role, Dr. Joseph Rankin worked as a Housing Placement Specialist with the Mid-Columbia Community Action Council, gaining valuable insights into housing challenges and needs within communities.

Dr. Rankin's dedication to human rights advocacy is evident from his previous roles, including serving as the Regional Ambassador of the International Human Rights Commission in Geneva, Switzerland, and his current position as the International President of the International Human Rights Protection Service in Florida.

These roles showcase his unwavering commitment to promoting and safeguarding human rights on a global scale.



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