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Biden Reveals Reasons For Appointing Nigerian Advisors

Biden aims to strengthen US-Africa relations and foreign policy through the appointment.

United States President Joe Biden has announced the appointment of twelve individuals, including Chinenye Ogwumike and Osagie Imasogie, both of Nigerian-American heritage, to the US Advisory Council on Africa Diaspora Engagement.

This move aims to bolster US-Africa relations and foreign policy.

In a statement released on the US Department of State Services website, the Biden administration emphasized the significant contributions of these appointees in strengthening the ties between the United States and Africa. The newly formed President's Advisory Council on African Diaspora Engagement, operating within the US Department of State, represents a diverse spectrum of African diaspora, including African American and African immigrant communities.

President Biden expressed his intention to leverage the council's expertise to enhance cultural, social, political, and economic connections between African communities and the African diaspora. He emphasized the importance of their advice and counsel in this endeavor.



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