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3 Nigerians Selected For Google's AI Accelerator Program

Google has made its selection for the Africa AI First Accelerator program, and among the 11 chosen startups from across the continent are three promising Nigerian companies.

These Nigerian startups include Famasi Africa, dedicated to constructing the operating system for pharmacies in emerging markets; Izifin, a Nigerian firm offering a comprehensive credit infrastructure via API for small businesses; and Vzy, a trailblazer in website creation with AI-driven tools that can craft websites in just minutes.

These startups have been handpicked by Google for their innovative use of cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence to tackle challenges both in Africa and on a global scale. The potential of AI in Africa is underscored by a McKinsey report estimating that it could contribute $1.3 trillion to Africa's GDP by 2030.

As part of the program, these selected startups will embark on a 10-week accelerator journey. In addition to gaining access to Google's AI expertise and a $350,000 allocation in Google Cloud Credits, they will benefit from mentorship sessions, technical guidance, and networking opportunities to expand their influence and impact.

Folarin Aiyegbusi, Head of Startup Ecosystem, Africa at Google, emphasized Google's commitment to making AI accessible and scalable for innovators, stating, "Our chosen startups for the 'AI-First program embody this vision, leveraging AI in pioneering ways to address both local and global challenges."

Adeola Ayoola, CEO/Co-founder of Famasi Africa, expressed enthusiasm about their selection, emphasizing the potential to improve healthcare outcomes by scaling AI-powered digital health solutions and reaching underserved communities.

Google's support for African startups has been consistent since 2017, resulting in collective fundraising of $263 million and the creation of over 2,800 job opportunities. This ongoing commitment reflects Google's dedication to nurturing and amplifying the impact of innovative startups across the continent.



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