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Ukraine To Boycott Competitions Featuring Russian Teams

Ukraine declares boycott competitions featuring Russian teams, urges other UEFA members to do the same.

Ukrainian football teams have declared a boycott of all competitions featuring Russian teams in response to UEFA's decision to allow Russia's youth team back into international competition.

The Ukrainian Football Association (UAF) stated its refusal to participate in any competitions involving Russian teams and it urged other UEFA members to do the same.

Last year, European football's governing body initially banned all Russian teams from competitions due to Moscow's actions in Ukraine but recently readmitted Russia's national under-17 team. The UAF strongly criticized this decision, emphasizing its stance on not engaging with Russian teams.

UEFA defended its decision by arguing that it shouldn't penalize a "generation of minors" for the actions of adults but noted that Russian teams wouldn't be allowed to play on their home turf, and their national symbols would be prohibited.

Ukraine has consistently advocated for broad bans on Russian participation in international sports events and even threatened to boycott the 2024 Paris Olympics if Russian and Belarusian athletes were included.



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