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Top 7 Best Nations with The Biggest Number of Nigerian Students

As per PwC, informal reports put the quantity of Nigerians in the diaspora at around 15 million. This isn’t business as usual, as Nigerians are known for their knowledge and their affection for quality schooling. However, because of the terrible circumstances in the country, the students were searching somewhere else for well-rounded schooling. From Africa to Asia, from Europe to America, Nigerian students are all over.

We should investigate the nations with the biggest number of Nigerian students.


This Southeast Asian nation might be small. However, it facilitated more than 13,000 Nigerian students in 2019. Two of the vital social benefits of concentrating on the district are a Muslim-accommodating way of life, cordial to non-Muslims (contrasted with different nations in the locale), and well-disposed towards the English. talking climate. There are numerous English-talking expats in Malaysia, as English is the second most broadly communicated in language in the Asian country.

Malaysia is likewise alluring because of its reasonable expenses to concentrate abroad and its high instructive norms and schooling system. Malaysia is one of the most secure and most stable nations on the planet with a somewhat low crime percentage. This nation has not had many cataclysmic events, making it an entirely agreeable country for worldwide students.


Norway's dynamic understudy life exemplifies a quiet and mechanically progressed society. As per the Imperial Norwegian Government office in Abuja, you can take part in a trade program or travel to Norway for a full Lone Wolf's or alternately graduate degree. Nigerians make up 35% of Norway's African understudy populace. You can enroll on the web and present your application at the VFS Worldwide Center or the international haven/Department.


Nigerian students comprise one of the biggest gatherings of African students signed up for German colleges. Advanced education in Germany is free assuming you concentrate on the language. German colleges offer free confirmation through a grant program known as DAAD Grants, which is completely financed by the German government. The main expense to pay is the regulatory charge (just 100 or 200 euros each year). In that sense, 2019 measurements show an 18% expansion in the number of Nigerian students in German colleges. What's more, since most experts' projects are educated in English, it's not difficult to track down an extraordinary degree that is ideally suited for you.


As of not long ago, the UK has been home to Nigerian students, no matter what the four countries that make up the island realm. Nonetheless, beginning around 2019, the quantity of Nigerian students in the UK has been declining. High educational expenses, the significant expense of living, and the Brexit occasions are the primary drivers of this drop.

Nigerians keep on seeing an expansion in supported concentrate on awards contrasted with the earlier year, arriving at a record 20,427, making them the third biggest gathering of ethnicities to be conceded supported concentrate on visas this year, with 11,361 (+125%). Year finishing June 2020.

US of America:

The quantity of Nigerian students living in the US has purportedly expanded extensively lately. As per a new report from the Training Stage, the US acknowledged a sum of 13,762 students in the 2019/20 school year. This figure addresses 93% of Nigerians who go on scholarly outings to the US.

The US is viewed as the home of Nigerians because of its seasoned professional Nigerian migration regulations. More than 1,000,000 Nigerians moved to the US in the last part of the 1960s and mid-1990s, making Nigeria the biggest gathering of African settlers in the country. There are even larger parts of a Nigerian people group in the US that are exceptionally simple to lay out.

The US is likewise home to probably the best schools on the planet and has a very organized school system, both public and private. This component is one more justification for why Nigerian students rush to America consistently.


Canada is truly an outstanding and most secure nation to concentrate abroad. Canada is one of the top objections for some Nigerians because of the generally simple conventions contrasted with the US in North America. Canada is an incredible spot to concentrate as it offers a great many open doors both during and after your investigations. It is additionally the favored decision of numerous foreigners and students.

As per reports, there are presently more than 12,000 Nigerian students in Canada. The Alumni Work Grant Program and the Worldwide Review Visa Program, specifically, are other components that draw in Nigerians to Canada to remain and become long-lasting occupants. Concerning the work market, each day there are new opportunities, and they keep on developing, so your possibilities for finding a new line of work are exceptionally high.


In the Gold Coast country, situated in the western piece of Africa, Nigerian students are flooding advanced education establishments. In 2018, Nigeria had more than 75,000 students in Ghanaian schools. Ghana's instructive level is higher than Nigeria's and is perceived overall as high, which is the primary justification for the flood of students from Nigeria. Additionally, the way that Nigerians can't compose UTME, generally called Pillar, is very propelling. Nigerians are ensured admission to Ghanaian schools if they straightforwardly sign up for S.S.C.E (WAEC) and complete 6 credits. The absence of strikes is likewise one of the primary justifications for why Nigerian students pick Ghanaian colleges.

Ghana is a West African nation like Nigeria. However, you want to get an understudy visa. Understudy visas can be acquired from the Ghana Government office in Nigeria or the Ghana High Commission site. A visa should be gotten before making a trip to Ghana. Any other way, you won't be permitted to section into Ghana.



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