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Nigerians In Diaspora Call On Pres. Tinubu To Tackle Poverty

Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation Americas (NIDOA), South Savannah chapter, Georgia, has called on the president of Nigeria to lift out of poverty in the nation.

Tomi Ademokun, Vice President,NIDOA

Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation Americas (NIDOA), South Savannah chapter, Georgia, has urged President Bola Tinubu to take decisive steps towards realizing his "Renewed Hope Agenda" by seizing all available opportunities to uplift Nigerians out of poverty.

Dr. Tomi Ademokun, Vice President of NIDOA South Savannah, made this plea during an interview in New York on the occasion of Nigeria's 63rd Independence Day Anniversary.

She stated, "This is a call to action to continue celebrating our great country on Independence Day. It's also a call to action to President Tinubu's administration for his agenda of hope. We must truly HOPE – H-Harness, all O-Opportunities, P-Poverty, E-Eradication in Nigeria and help elevate people out of poverty through sustainable programs, job creation, economic recovery, and support for the most vulnerable in poverty."

Ademokun emphasized that every Nigerian should play their part in supporting the Federal Government's efforts.

She highlighted NIDOA South Savannah's contributions, such as supporting underprivileged individuals in Nigeria and assisting student communities in the U.S.

She mentioned recent partnerships with Linkway Diplomats and Calvary School, which resulted in scholarships totaling 700,000 Naira, benefiting seven students.

Additionally, collaborations with the Brazilian Development Initiative RADI Foundation have supported internally displaced persons (IDPs), orphans, and farmers in southern Kaduna, providing resources for agriculture and education.

Ademokun called on all Nigerians, both in the diaspora and at home, to contribute to improving their communities.

She also congratulated Nigeria and the Diaspora on the 63rd Independence Day and expressed hope for a greater Nigeria. Ademokun stressed the importance of the partnership between Nigerians in the diaspora and the homeland, emphasizing shared values and the pursuit of a peaceful, prosperous, and secure world.

NIDOA South Savannah is committed to strengthening this partnership and working together to promote economic growth, safeguard human rights, and combat insecurity.

Ademokun commended Nigeria for its leadership regionally and globally and extended best wishes to the Nigerian people, looking forward to deepening the partnership and shared goals in the upcoming year.



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