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Yoruba-Speaking Communities Outside Nigeria

Yoruba is primarily spoken in Nigeria, where it is one of the country's major languages. However, Yoruba-speaking communities can also be found in other countries, especially due to migration and the Nigerian diaspora. Three countries where Yoruba is spoken include:

1. Benin:Yoruba-speaking communities can be found in Benin, particularly in the southeastern region, where the Yoruba people have a historical presence.

2. Togo:Yoruba is spoken by some communities in Togo, mainly in the southern part of the country.

3. Sierra Leone: Yoruba can also be heard among some diaspora communities in Sierra Leone, where people of Yoruba descent have settled.

These countries have Yoruba-speaking populations, either as a result of historical migration or due to the dispersion of Yoruba-speaking communities from Nigeria.



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