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Top 10 Best Important Interesting Points Before Leasing a House in Nigeria

Moving to start with one condo or house and then onto the next is an unavoidable piece of life. At some point, we all require a new living space. However, the choice to lease another condo should be all-around informed and think about many variables past simple moderation.

The purpose of this article is to explain the crucial aspects that, in addition to financial considerations, must be considered when renting a house in Nigeria.

Needs and contemplations while leasing a home in Nigeria can differ generally contingent upon individual and family conditions and inclinations. Recognizing which components resound with your circumstance is fundamental for reading the most ideal choices for your new home.

Before renting a house in Nigeria, consider the following:

Dependable agent:

Without an agent, it's hard to get a house in Lagos because the agent has information you don’t have. More importantly, you ought to vet the specialists you meet. Bringing potential or unsuspecting clients into their homes and illegally collecting money from many of them for the same house has been a method of fraud used by some clients. Legal entities are essential for controlling agents.

The house's background:

Research the house's history before deciding how much to pay for it. To live in peace, the owner's personality, the activities that take place there, commercial activities, etc., it is necessary to ensure that the house is safe, well protected, and secure. Exercises, for example, night parties, it is permitted to shop and strict exercises. based on the house. Look at your exploration to ensure you can remain in such a spot.

Lodging expenses and spending plan:

The home's cost of your budget is one of the most important considerations. It's best to buy a cheap apartment that won't cost more than three months' worth of salary or even four months. Different expenses, for example, business charges and extra charges, should likewise be thought of. To determine whether the house is worth renting, compare it to your salary. It is common practice to urge people to live below their means. The most crucial thing is to ensure that it is not an aged or decaying residence because it may collapse. You will have to spend more money on homes that have too much damage. Likewise, see whether the house is situated in an area that could compromise future government sanctions, for example, a house under electrical cables or deterring the progression of sewer water.

Probability of reestablishing the rent:

When buying a house, the most important thing is not to pay the first rent, but to be able to pay it back later. It's odd to be removed from a house simply for a year in the wake of moving in because you can't pay the lease.

Acquire an understanding of the conditions:

Your landlord's terms and conditions should be read, comprehended, and signed. Generators and air conditioners are prohibited from being used in some Lagos homes. Before signing any kind of contract, it might be a good idea to talk to an attorney if you don't like what is written in it. You can likewise draw the consideration of the owner whenever and forgo any lawful terms in the draft contract.

Potential for flooding and drainage:

It is in many cases said that the best opportunity to search for a house in Nigeria is during the stormy season. This is not due to inadequate drainage systems but rather because flooding during the rainy season has destroyed a large portion of Nigeria. Many homes have been obliterated and many individuals have been compelled to clean. Floods frequently leave lasting recollections due to their devastating effects.

Electricity bill not paid:

When looking for a house, one of the most important things to think about is your past electric bill. In Nigeria, a lot of households are in debt for electricity. Tragically, many owners don't uncover this. A reputable agent or an open-minded neighbor at your home are two options for getting this information. Hence, consistently demand a new service bill from PHCN for your condo before paying for it. It is a clear indication that the house has unresolved electric bills if the homeowner does not disclose it in the end.

Getting to major roads:

Living close to major roads is the best thing. Exploring and getting to these spots turns out to be a lot more straightforward while utilizing public transportation. Living in a space associated with an important street is favorable for well-being and crises.


Living in an area where life or property is in jeopardy is not a wise choice, even in the current state of uncertainty. Include neighborhood safety officers and expert security organizations to guarantee the well-being of the local area before choosing to lease a specific area. You ought to be aware of the notorious activities that take place in particular regions of this nation.

Cost of service:

First, it's a good idea to find out how much you'll have to pay for service and other fees each month or year. After moving into an apartment, some landlords have been known to deceive tenants by introducing illegal fees and payments. You can save yourself a great difficult situation by posing inquiries all along.


Leasing a house in Nigeria shouldn't simply be a financial thought. To pursue an extensive choice, consider factors that line up with your interesting necessities and goals. This will guarantee that your new home will increase your quality of life and provide a safe and comfortable living space.



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