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Top 10 Best Dishes from Nigeria in 2023

Nigeria is home to a wide range of tribes that have seamlessly coexisted and adapted to each other's cultures, including their culinary traditions. This receptiveness to food from various districts has brought about different delectable dishes that can be delighted in at home or close to well-known dishes.

Each tribe in Nigeria has its unique characteristics, and some of them are extremely well-known and popular throughout the nation. However, it would be impossible to include all these delectable meals in a single account.

Even though Nigerian cuisine is not as well-known worldwide as other cuisines, it is steadily gaining popularity, in part due to the Nigerian diaspora. The rise of Nigerian recipe bloggers, many of whom are based in different parts of the world, is making a big difference in promoting Nigerian cuisine and getting people all over the world interested in it. By simply looking at the remarks segment, you will want to observe the excitement of outsiders to investigate and attempt obscure Nigerian food. The primary objective of this article is to highlight some of Nigeria's most intriguing and well-known dishes.

1. Jollof Rice:

Jollof rice guarantees the high position of the most famous Nigerian dish. Rice, tomatoes, onions, and spices all come together in one pot to make a mouthwatering dish. Jollof rice is the star of parties, weddings, and other social gatherings because it satisfies the palate and brings people together. The debate about which nation produces the best Jollof rice continues because the dish is so well-known: Ghana, Nigeria, or Senegal

2. Nkubi:

Nkubi is a delicacy that is very important to the Igbo people of eastern Nigeria. This scrumptious dish is ready with cow legs and heads to make a customary treat wonderfully brightened with leaves and palm oil. Those who try Enkubi's delicious and spicy sauce will never forget it. It is frequently supplemented with a glass of palm wine, which is viewed as the ideal sense of-taste purging beverage.

3. Amara:

The Nigerian dish known as Amara is made with yam, cassava, or green plantain flour. Mix the flour with the boiling water until it forms a soft, elastic dough. Various soups, such as gbegiri, are typically paired with this delicious dish.

4. Soup of Ogbon:

Crushed Ogbono seeds are used to make Ogbono soup, which is a hearty, rich soup. Palm oil, meat, fish, and a variety of vegetables are all present in the soup. The traditional Nigerian accompaniment, iyan or eba, is frequently played in conjunction with it.

5. Egusi:

Egusi soup has an interesting and flawless flavor. Ground melon seeds are blended in with water and skillfully cooked with different meats and fish to make this delicious soup. Like Ogbono soup, it is generally delighted with Ryan or Eba.

6. Eba:

Eba is a staple food in Nigeria produced using cassava flour. Blend the boiling water in with the flour until it shapes a delicate and flexible batter. Eba is frequently paired with a variety of soups, such as okra and bitter leaf.

7. Beans and Dodo:

A well-liked dish in Nigeria that includes fried plantains and black-eyed peas is called beans and dodo. The beans are cooked until they arrive at a delicate consistency and are crushed with the onion and pepper. The bananas are sliced and fried until they are golden and crisp. Beans and dodo make an excellent breakfast or lunch dish.

8. Abacha:

Abacha, otherwise called an African serving of mixed greens, is famous among the Igbo nation of eastern Nigeria. Abacha is produced using ground-dried cassava tubers and tastes novel and surface. This dish is ready with ground cassava pieces and is normally filled in as a pastry with broiled fish or hamburger skin.

9. Pepper soup:

Pepper soup is made with goat, chicken, and other types of meat and has a spicy flavor. Onions, bell peppers, and a variety of aromatic spices are used to season the soup. At social gatherings, it is typically served as an aperitif.

10. Moin Moin:

Moin is a delectable Nigerian dish made with dark-peered toward peas, onions, chime peppers, and a tomfoolery mix of flavors. After being ground into a smooth paste, the beans are combined with the other ingredients, and steamed in foil or sheets. Moin moin is a popular side dish that goes well with jollof rice or fried plantains.


Jollof rice merits its standing as perhaps one of the most well-known Nigerian dishes. However, as this list of 10 famous food varieties shows, Nigerian cooking is a mother lode of scrumptious dishes. With the number of Nigerian eateries expanding in important urban communities all over the planet, an ever-increasing number of individuals are finding the joys of Nigerian food. If you haven't proactively, read this article to investigate and partake in the kinds of Nigeria.



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