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Terragon, Microsoft To Partner On Africa Business Growth

Terragon and Microsoft have joined forces to empower African businesses with valuable customer insights.

In a three-year partnership, Terragon, a leading data and marketing company, will strengthen its presence in marketing technology (MarTech), while Microsoft aims to drive digital transformation through cloud technology

Terragon's mission is to establish Africa's largest data-powered marketing cloud ecosystem, enhancing businesses' understanding of their customers. Using data and technology, Terragon helps brands engage with consumers effectively, offering comprehensive analytics through cloud-based solutions.

Terragon serves a diverse clientele, including enterprises and SMBs across various sectors like FMCG, financial services, and consulting. They assist these brands in managing first-party data, refining targeting, and providing personalized online and offline engagements.

This collaboration with Microsoft aligns with Terragon's vision of making mobile interactions more meaningful and leveraging cloud technology to benefit African businesses.

Chimezie Okonkwo, Senior Vice President of Data, Infrastructure, and Platforms at Terragon, shares, "This Microsoft partnership is exciting because it validates our mission to build the largest data-powered marketing cloud ecosystem in Africa."

Gerald Maithya, General Manager, Africa Transformation Office at Microsoft, emphasizes the company's commitment to fostering sustainable digital growth in Africa and enabling businesses of all sizes to access cutting-edge cloud technologies to drive economic growth and development on the continent.



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