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Southwark Mayor Honours Ambassador Sarafa Tunji Isola OFR For Outstanding Service

On Nigeria's Independence Day in 2023, Ambassador Sarafa Tunji Isola OFR was honored by the Mayor of the London Borough of Southwark, Cllr Michael Situ.

The celebration, themed "Integration and the Nigerian Perspective," took place at the Council Headquarters on Tooley Street, London, reflecting on Nigeria's image and the roles of Nigerians in British society.

During the event, Ambassador Isola was recognized for his outstanding services as the High Commissioner of Nigeria to the UK, receiving the Excellent Stewardship Award. Mayor Situ praised Isola's proactive approach and his engagement with both the British and Nigerian communities in the United Kingdom.

The Mayor presented Ambassador Isola with a Southwark Council plaque of Excellence and various Southwark Council memorabilia, including the Southwark flag, tie, lapels, scarf, and umbrella. Ambassador Isola encouraged unity among Nigerians in the UK, emphasizing diversity as an asset and the need for common objectives.

He called on the diaspora to educate Nigerians at home about the benefits of staying and investing in Nigeria, highlighting the importance of skilled professionals to the British Society. Ambassador Isola also urged the community to avoid spreading negative narratives about Nigeria on social media, as such portrayals could negatively impact Nigerians in the UK.

Ambassador Isola expressed hope that the efforts to improve the UK for Nigerians would continue beyond his tenure. The event was attended by UK politicians, members of parliament, community leaders, and various Nigerian professional organizations, demonstrating a strong sense of unity and purpose within the Nigerian community in the UK.



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