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"Seasonal Fluctuations" Of The Naira Bring Seasonal Opportunities For The Diaspora.

  • The economic landscape of Nigeria has been marked by the fluctuating fortunes of its currency.

  • A recent report by sheds light on the naira's struggle against the pound, revealing a complex picture of the Nigerian economy's challenges and the diaspora's potential role in its upliftment.

The Cureent Economic Landscape.

"The naira gained 9.68% at the close of business on Monday, May 27, higher than its level of N1,482.81/$ on Friday, May 24," reports Zainab Iwayemi for Legit.ng¹. Despite this gain, the naira experienced a dip in the black market, decreasing by 1.32% to N1,520 against the pound from N1,500 on Friday¹.

This dip, while presenting immediate challenges, also signals an opportunity for the UK Nigerian diaspora. With the current exchange rate of 1 GBP equaling approximately 1,889.13 NGN⁵, the diaspora is in a unique position to make investments that could have a significant impact on the Nigerian economy.

Central Bank of Nigeria's Governor Olayemi Cardoso referred to the naira's volatility as "seasonal fluctuation," attributing it to the interplay between demand and supply in a freely functioning market system¹. This statement underscores the dynamic nature of the forex market and the potential for strategic diaspora intervention.

The diaspora's remittances have long been a cornerstone of Nigeria's GDP, with contributions exceeding £2.8 billion in 2018¹. These funds not only support families but also fuel small businesses and community projects. In times of currency volatility, these remittances become even more crucial, providing a buffer against economic shocks.

The rise of the pound is thus a clarion call for the diaspora to invest. Their engagement can help stabilize the naira and, by extension, the Nigerian economy. It's an invitation to leverage their financial power for the greater good, ensuring that Nigeria navigates through the economic tides towards a more prosperous future.

The naira's value has experienced a downturn, with the black market rate falling to N1,520 against the pound¹. This dip, while presenting challenges, also opens doors for potential growth through diaspora investment. The UK Nigerian diaspora, with their significant remittances, which accounted for over £2.8 billion in 2018⁷, have the power to influence economic stability in Nigeria.

The Diaspora's Potential Impact

Investments from the diaspora can be a game-changer in several ways:

- Strengthening the Naira: By channeling funds into the Nigerian economy, the diaspora can help stabilize and strengthen the local currency.

- Boosting Local Businesses: Investments can provide the much-needed capital for local businesses, fostering innovation and job creation.

- Infrastructure Development: Contributions from the diaspora can finance the development of critical infrastructure, improving the quality of life for many Nigerians.

Challenges to Overcome

However, the journey is not without its hurdles. The diaspora faces challenges such as:

- Navigating the Exchange Rate: With the naira's fluctuating value, investors must be savvy in managing currency risks.

- Ensuring Transparency: Clear and transparent investment channels are necessary to build trust and encourage more diaspora engagement.

A Call to Action

The rise of the pound is not just a financial statistic; it's a call to action for the UK Nigerian diaspora. It's an invitation to invest in the future of Nigeria, to leverage their economic power for the greater good.

As the naira navigates through these economic waters, the diaspora's role becomes ever more crucial. Their investment is not just about financial returns; it's about shaping the destiny of their homeland.



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