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Reportedly, Katy Perry has earned a staggering $225 million by selling her music catalogue

Katy Perry recently made a major deal by selling a bundle of her music rights to Litmus Music for a reported $225 million. This deal covers all five of her albums released under Capitol Records, including popular hits like "Firework," "Teenage Dream," and "California Gurls." It's the biggest catalogue deal for a single artist this year, surpassing Justin Bieber's previous record deal.

Litmus now owns Perry's stake in the master recordings and publishing for the records, meaning it will collect any future royalties the music earns.

Two of her songs - Dark Horse and Roar - have more than one billion streams on Spotify. Roar is also one of the most-watched videos of all time on YouTube, with 3.8 billion plays.

A major star in the 2010s, Perry has slowed her work rate down in recent years, concentrating on her Las Vegas residency and raising a family with her partner, the actor Orlando Bloom.

Katy Perry is set to continue her role as a judge on American Idol for the seventh season next year.



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