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Nigerians In Colorado Call For Unity And Investments

•A call for unity and foreign investments from the Nigerian community in Colorado Springs, USA

Mayor Yemi Mobolade

Nigerians in Colorado Springs gathered in the city center to celebrate Nigeria's 63rd Independence Day. They emphasized the need for Nigerians to unite for the country's betterment and discussed ways to boost the nation's economy through foreign investments.

The event provided an opportunity for Nigerians living in the community and abroad to come together, foster bonds, and explore investment possibilities in partnership with American business leaders. Mayor Yemi Mobolade highlighted Nigeria's vibrant cultural heritage and encouraged Nigerians in the Diaspora to collaborate with those at home to elevate the nation to a desirable destination for foreigners.

Rodney Gullatte, CEO of the Black Chambers of Commerce, stressed the importance of economic collaboration and partnership in empowering the people and growing the country's economy.

While the celebration was subdued in Nigeria, the Nigerian community in Colorado Springs demonstrated their commitment to cooperation and unity among themselves.

In a statement, the event was described as not only a commemoration of Nigeria's history but also a celebration of the multicultural diversity that enriches the city. It underscored the significance of nurturing social, cultural, and economic ties within the Nigerian community and extending these bonds beyond their heritage.

Ibidun Damien, the Founder of 1609Royale, highlighted the prevailing sense of unity and community pride, urging all Nigerians to come together to build a brighter future for the country.



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