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MyGreen Gene 2024: A Celebration of Nigerian Excellence in Manchester.

  • Manchester, UK — June 29th, 2024

MyGreen Gene, the esteemed heritage platform, is set to host its annual celebration of Nigerian brilliance on Saturday, June 29th, 2024, at The Light Conference Centre in Salford, Manchester. Founded in 2015 by visionary Adewumi Adisa, this transcendent event goes beyond mere celebration—it embodies Nigeria’s identity, culture, and resilience, much like the hereditary legacy of genes.

The Essence of MyGreen Gene

MyGreen Gene is not confined to physical traits; it is a living legacy passed down through generations. It symbolizes resilience, creativity, and brilliance that define Nigeria and its people. Our theme this year—Changing the Narratives—challenges stereotype and amplifies positive stories of Nigerians globally.

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Global Impact

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From literature (Chinua Achebe) to music (Fela Kuti), tech (Iyinoluwa Aboyeji) to fashion (Deola Sagoe), Nigerians have left an indelible mark worldwide. MyGreen Gene 2024 celebrates these trailblazers, emphasizing their impact on the world stage.

Unity and Inspiration

MyGreen Gene unites a diverse community, reinforcing shared identity and strength. It inspires future generations to take pride in their rich heritage and strive for excellence.

Event Highlights

Green Carpet Glamour (3 PM): Strut your stuff! Ankara prints, modern twists on traditional attire—the fashion-forward will turn heads.

Main Event (5 PM) at The Light Conference Centre: Our ninth year of Nigerian excellence unfolds. From artists to entrepreneurs, scientists to activists, we celebrate those who shape narratives.

Brace yourselves for a surprise so colossal, it has its own VIP pass. Do not miss it!

Expected Turnout

We anticipate over 500 guests, including dignitaries, celebrities, and influential individuals. Together, we will celebrate brilliance, honor legacies, and ignite a future where narratives shift in our favor.

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Press Contact:

Adewumi Adisa

Founder, MyGreen Gene


Phone: +447940 266 903



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