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Millionaire Wives in Nigeria

It is many times expressed that behind effective men are ladies.

Nana Otedra:

Nana Otedra is a Nigerian money manager and humanitarian. She is the spouse of Femi Otedra, one of the Nigerian tycoons. Brought into the world in London on August 2, 1966, she worked for Freshade Energy Restricted in the UK for nearly 13 years. The 52-year-old magnificence is the Chief of Piece of Clothing Care, a cleaning organization she established in 1999. The couple has three little girls, Florence (DJ Kuppy), Olaunmi Christie, and Temi, and a child.

Dr. Awele Vivian Ermel:

Dr. Vivian is the spouse of extremely rich person investor and altruist Tony Ermel. A Nigerian clinical specialist who, in different limits, has made significant commitments to the government assistance of humankind through his field.

Ms. Awele has a Single guy of Medication and a Unitched male of medical procedure from the College of Benin. Her clinical experience incorporates medication, medical procedures, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, and crisis medication. Dr. Ermel has worked with the College of Lagos Showing Medical Clinic in Nigeria and with Grantham and Grantham Area Clinic in the UK.

A blend of excellence and knowledge, the 52-year-old assumes a critical part in her significant other's combination as CEO of Avon Clinical Benefits Restricted, managing Tony Ermel Gathering's medical services speculations. During 22 years of marriage, Tony and Vivian have had seven youngsters.


Uchenna Uber, Chief of Capital Oil and Gas Enterprises Restricted, said: She has a Four-year education in science (Hons) in Business Organization and an Expert in Business Organization (MBA) from Ahmadu Bello College.

Titi Joyce Adenuga:

Glovacom Director Mike Adenuga's significant other, Titi Adenuga, has been promoted as a critical figure in the tycoon's prosperity. Conceived quite a while back into a well-off family, this darker-looking lady moved on from the lofty Obafemi Awolowo College in Ile-Ife, Osun. Titi is from the territory of Delta. She was brought into the world by Itsukiri's folks, Dad Eliya Okome and Madame Susanna Meburaganje Okome.

Her mom, likewise, warmly known as Sister Susie, was one of the establishing specialists of Brozuela (Jackel), an organization that imported George and Hayes head ties, which were subsequently utilized for the launch and opening of the Theater Public. She is a popular name. Also, Festak 77.

Titi is an entirely trendy lady as the exquisite and present-day side of her is effectively noticeable. She is supposed to be trendy even in Sovereign's School Secondary School. She is warmly alluded to as "Tizzle Young lady" by dear companions of hers and relatives. Titi, perhaps one of Nigeria's most renowned socialites, cherishes a calmer and more moderate life. She seldom goes to something besides the main gatherings.

While searching for a task, Titi met her tycoon spouse at the dead Devcom Vendor Bank. She was the second spouse of Mike Adenuga after his most memorable marriage didn't work out. Titi and her significant other have two kids, Sade and Nii.

Kay Ovia, MBA:

The name Jim Ovia is notable in the Nigerian financial industry, yet many may not know about the one who has turned into a heavyweight in the Nigerian corporate area. Kay Ovia is the spouse of Jim Ovia and a fruitful financial specialist. She joins effortlessness with moderation, gloriousness with hesitance.

Strangely, while Jim was reforming the Nigerian financial area through innovation, the IT organization entrusted with accomplishing this was the internet, driven by Kay Obia. Kay Ovia is the Executive of the Governing body of Internet Restricted, a main computer programming organization in Lagos. She is likewise an Overseeing Chief and President of Quantum Markets Restricted.

Kay Ovia likewise serves on the sheets of overseers of a few associations. She is a financial specialist intensely for a noble cause work. Kay Ovia moved on from Enugu State College of Innovation (ESUT) with an MBA in Business Organization.



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