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How Would Nigerians Abroad Apply for a Nigerian Visa?

Nigerian travel papers are not only for Nigerians dwelling in Nigeria. It is additionally open to diaspora Nigerians. Nigerians living in different nations can acquire identifications through the closest Nigerian government office or department. The most effective way to find out is to call the international haven.

Not all unfamiliar nations require the accommodation of an application. If you are applying for identification, figure out what classifications of booklets are accessible (32-page, 64-page, 10-year visas, and so on.). Having this data will assist you with concluding which choice is best for you.

Candidates are mentioned to present all expected application archives by means of consular email. From that point forward, assuming you have presented the necessary records, we will reach you by email to plan a meeting. A few nations, like Germany, require an extremely durable location in Nigeria. Make certain to finish the application structure. "

How can you apply for a Nigerian visa in diaspora?

Follow these means for the total cycle.

· Assemble prerequisites: set up every one of the prerequisites (essentially biodata) required for the electronic visa.

· Apply online - Complete the NIS Online Identification Application and print the finished structure.

· Pay online utilizing a similar online application process portrayed above and print your installment receipt.

· Glue two identification type photographs (size 35/40 mm). It has a white foundation and doesn't cover the head or face.

· Present the application alongside the printed structure and joined necessities to the Nigerian Mission or VAC.

· Book an Arrangement - Adhere to the mission guidelines to plan an arrangement for biometric handling.

· Biometric Obtaining - Appear at the booking area for biometric securing and identification creation.

· Assortment: Assortment can take from hours to weeks. Call the mission to ensure recovering it is prepared prior to going.


An ultimate choice on visas is made at the Nigerian Movement Administration (NIS) office in Abuja, Nigeria and not at the consulate you are mentioning data about.

Furthermore, when another visa is given, the candidate's ongoing identification will be carefully discredited. On the off chance that the old identification contains a current and substantial visa, its holder can consolidate the old visa with the upgraded one. This is just legitimate during the legitimacy of the old visa, after which the holder is supposed to quit introducing the visa and begin utilizing the new visa.



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