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FCT Minister Orders Scavengers Colony Demolition In Abuja

The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Mr. Nyesom Wike, has issued an order for the demolition of a scavengers' colony located along the road corridor cutting through Mabushi, Jahi, and Kado Districts. This directive was given during Wike's visit to the area, known as 'Road N12' in Mabushi District of the FCT.

Wike expressed concerns about the colony, which is situated behind the Minister’s Quarters in Mabushi District, and described it as a security threat to the city. The area had been taken over by scavengers, commonly referred to as 'Baban Bola,' including mechanics and furniture makers.

Accompanied by a combined team of security personnel and senior FCT Administration officials, the minister emphasized the need to rid the city of criminal elements and stated that such dens of criminals would not be tolerated in the FCT.

Furthermore, he pointed out that the colony had flourished under the cover of thick cashew trees, planted by indigenous people for speculative purposes, warning against planting such trees in areas earmarked for development. Wike made it clear that the government would not provide compensation for these trees.

Wike instructed the Development Control Department and the Federal Capital Development Authority to clear the entire area and begin preliminary work on the road without providing compensation to those affected.

He emphasized the urgency of clearing out the criminal elements and preventing the area from becoming a haven for criminals. Wike assured FCT residents that the government is committed to reducing crime levels in the region.

Mr. Mukhtar Galadima, Coordinator of the Federal Capital Territory City Management Task Team, pledged that the area would be cleared of all structures, and the criminals would be evicted. The area had originally been designated for a transit road network but had been taken over by scavengers, turning it into a hub for various criminal activities. Galadima stressed the importance of securing the area in light of the prevailing security challenges in the country.

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