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Diaspora Stars: The 1st Black Mayor In US

Mayor Yemi Mobolade currently serves as the Mayor of Colorado Springs, Colorado, having been elected to this position in May 2023.

His historic election marked him as the first Black individual and the first immigrant to hold this esteemed office, and notably, he stands as one of the city's youngest mayors in its history.

Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, Mayor Mobolade embarked on a journey that brought him to the United States in 1996, eventually attaining citizenship in 2017. With a diverse background spanning business, ministry, and community development, he co-founded two restaurants, established a church, and contributed his expertise to the city's chamber of commerce and small business development initiatives.

Mayor Mobolade is a family man, married to Abbey, with whom he shares three children. As an independent politician, his platform revolves around the principles of innovation, inclusion, and collaboration.

His vision for Colorado Springs revolves around transforming it into a smart city that harnesses technology, prioritizes sustainability, and enhances mobility to elevate the quality of life for both residents and visitors alike.



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