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Diaspora Destination: Mysterious Water Spring in Ekiti State

A natural wonder awaits you in Ikogosi town in Ekiti State, southwestern Nigeria. It is Ikogosi warm spring, a tourist attraction where two springs of different temperatures flow side by side and join at a point, but remain separate.

The warm spring is about 70°C at its origin and 37°C at the meeting point, while the cold spring is about 37°C at its source and 18°C at the junction.

The springs are said to have some healing powers and are set in a lush green environment with scenic views. You can stay at the Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort and enjoy the peaceful and refreshing ambience, as well as the excellent service and cuisine.

The resort also provides tours, adventure, luxury accommodation, and conference facilities.

You can also discover the legend and history of the springs, which go back to the 1950s when a missionary called Rev. John S. McGee found them and established a youth camp there. Ikogosi warm spring is a place where you can witness nature’s splendor and mystery, as well as relax and revitalize your body and mind.



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