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Diaspora Chic: Five Ways to Flaunt Your Ankara"

Ankara, a term used for traditional attire crafted from vibrant African printed fabric, often cotton, encompasses various clothing items such as shoes, pants, dresses, jackets, hats, and shorts.

Although Ankara has a history dating back to the 19th century, its widespread recognition has surged in recent decades. While initially linked with women's fashion, it has evolved to be embraced by people of all genders.

Ankara is a popular attire worn by various ethnic groups in Nigeria. Ankara is sown in fashion styles such as wrapper and blouse, gowns, shirts and trousers, buba and gele. Being home away from home does not stop you losing touch with this cultural fashion norm. Here are 21st century fashion styles to confidently flaunt Ankara fashion abroad without seeming too traditional:

  1. Ankara tote bags

2. Ankara Trousers

3. Ankara Pinafores

4. Ankara Hats

5. Ankara Boots



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