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Art Exhibition Depicting Nigeria's History Set to Premiere on October 1st.

Art exhibition telling tales of Nigeria and it's history to debut in Abuja, October 1st

The event, themed "Presenting Nigeria’s Diverse Opportunities, Potential, and Heritage on the Global Stage," set to run for 14 days.

An art exhibition named "Nigeria 1914," with the aim of narrating the tale of Nigeria's inception, historical journey, achievements, and prominent figures, is scheduled for its debut in Abuja on October 1st.

Mr. Akin Laniyi, the Project Director of "Nigeria 1914," disclosed to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Monday that the exhibition would feature a collection of historical portraits, artifacts, and paintings that trace the nation's history from the 1914 amalgamation to its independence in 1960.

The event, themed "Presenting Nigeria’s Diverse Opportunities, Potential, and Heritage on the Global Stage," is set to run from October 1st to October 14th at Abuja's Jabi Lake Mall.

Laniyi noted that this project is part of the activities organized to commemorate Nigeria's 63rd independence anniversary and has garnered support and endorsement from the Federal Ministry of Arts, Culture, and Creative Economy, among other relevant organizations.

"Nigeria 1914 exhibition is a government-endorsed educational showcase featuring images, portraits, artifacts, and paintings that depict Nigeria's history, achievements, iconic figures, and culture from the 1914 amalgamation to recent times," he explained.

He highlighted the significance of such a project at a time when the nation's collective consciousness needs to reflect upon its rich history and the imperative of social order.

The exhibition will span 14 days at Jabi Lake Mall, commencing on Independence Day, and its primary objective is to promote education, national identity, and positive aspects of Nigeria's culturally diverse populace.

Each day of the exhibition will focus on presenting Nigeria's immense potential and diverse opportunities, spotlighting different states and institutions to a diverse audience. Additionally, the event will feature celebrations of three regional festivals.

The project director also revealed plans for a trade fair that will showcase the finest offerings from various Nigerian states, emphasizing the country's diversity, as well as an economic forum for interaction among delegates and dignitaries from diverse sectors of the economy.

The exhibition is expected to draw a diverse audience, including the general public and dignitaries from various spheres. The Special Guest of Honor for the event will be the Minister of Arts, Culture, and Creative Economy, Hannatu Musawa.

Laniyi added that the exhibition would include iconic pictures and paintings from Nigerian artists hailing from across the country.

The event will welcome members of the diplomatic community, top government officials, patriotic Nigerians from both the public and private sectors, and stakeholders in the creative industries.

Given the project's focus on promoting national unity and a shared history, it has previously been held in major cities across Nigeria, including Abuja, Port Harcourt, and Lagos.

Laniyi disclosed plans for a global tour of the exhibition, including stops in cities like Paris, Kuala Lumpur, Berlin, Sydney, New York, and Beijing, in conjunction with the production of the "Nigeria 1914 Movie."

The "Nigeria 1914" project aims to present Nigeria, its people, opportunities, and potential on the global stage through iconic visuals, paintings, artifacts, and portraits. It seeks to reveal lesser-known aspects of the Nigerian story and way of life that will resonate universally and leave an indelible mark on hearts and consciences.

The exhibition, trade fair, and business forum will welcome guests from all backgrounds, including past and present leaders, tourists, the diplomatic community, small and medium enterprises, the political class, and the general public.



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