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Abike Dabiri-Erewa Encourages Promotion of Nigerian Culture By The Diaspora

Honorable Abike Dabiri, Chairperson overseeing Nigerians in the diaspora, has encourages promotion of Nigerian culture in the diaspora.

During the sideline event of the 78th United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York, USA, Honorable Abike Dabiri, Chairperson overseeing Nigerians in the diaspora, expressed her heartfelt enthusiasm for engaging with Dr. Taiye Ayoola-Adedeji.

Dr. Ayoola-Adedeji, a pharmacist and the author of "The Yoruba Sound Book For Children," received commendation from Hon. Dabiri for her unwavering commitment to preserving and promoting Nigerian culture and language.

"I commended her for her continuous efforts in preserving and promoting Nigerian culture and language through her innovative book and cultural education initiatives for the Nigerian diaspora community," said Hon. Dabiri.

This heartwarming interaction took place at the Business, Trade and Investment Summit, where Ayoola-Adedeji's groundbreaking book and her tireless cultural education efforts within the Nigerian diaspora community were acknowledged for their significant contributions to cultural awareness and heritage preservation.

Furthermore, Hon. Dabiri's role as a champion for Nigerians living abroad extends beyond cultural pursuits. She actively seeks to uplift individuals like Taiye Ayoola-Adedeji who make invaluable contributions to Nigeria's economy and cultural heritage.

In a reciprocal gesture, Ayoola-Adedeji extended warm congratulations to Nigeria on its 63rd Independence Day celebration, emphasizing the importance of such moments in commemorating the nation's progress and achievements.

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