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4 Big Markets To Visit In Lagos State


When you think Lekki Arts and craft market, think variety.

Lekki arts and crafts market is also called the Jakande Art Market or Oba Elegushi International market. This market is a gem that showcases the beauty of the diversity of Nigerian culture. It is located at Lekki and houses many stores that provide varying authentic African arts and crafts from paintings, carvings, metalwork, woodwork, and textiles, to fashion items amongst others. The market features a healthy mix of traders from different ethnicities and cultures within Nigeria. These traders each bring their knowledge of their cultures into the creation of their wares, giving the market an authentic and accurate representation of Nigeria as a whole.

Lekki Arts and Crafts market is recognized for its exquisite collection of artworks and creations. And, the market is known for its inexpensive yet quality wares, souvenirs, and gifts. This market is a tourist attraction that immerses its visitors in the beauty and creativity of Nigeria.

Whether you are an art collector, an art enthusiast, a tourist looking to broaden your knowledge, or even a Lagos resident looking to catch your breath, Lekki Arts and Crafts market provides you with many art pieces that each tell a story and leaves you with a myriad of thrilling and worthwhile experience.


The Agbalata International Market in Badagry is one of Lagos's most important markets. It's a spot where you can acquire just about anything, from the town's widely acclaimed mat to luscious coconut and inexpensive consumables. It is dominated by the Egun people.

The market is always busy, with  all the types of trading going on. Also, the location’s proximity to the border and the port makes its convenient for people from far and wide to access it.

Agbalata market is quite vast, and people travel from far and wide to buy and sell at reasonable prices. The market is sectionalized and very organized with sellers of the same products in the same area. You can find anything from foodstuffs, to electronics, textiles and to the popular Agbadamat at the market.


 Balogun Ajeniya Market is a market located on Balogun Street, off Broad street, Lagos Island. This market is one of the biggest open markets in Nigeria and West Africa at large.

It is the best place to purchase fabrics, shoes, and other wears. It is advisable to go with a local when visiting the market as it can get a little overwhelming if you don’t know your way around it. A tip for you: Always negotiate and never settle for the first price.


Since its establishment, Quintessence  has had a reputation as the world’s leading premium department store for authentic African arts and crafts. Portraying a culture for expert creativity, Quintessence is the leading supplier of original products with excellent craftsmanship.

The collections available in the store include, arts like crafts, paintings, sculptures, artifacts, antiques, carvings, furniture, home decor, fashion, accessories and textiles including woven fabrics like vintage Aso-Oke, Okene cloth. So, you must be ready to spend a naira or thousands when you visit.  

Quintessence is also a platform for local artists and artisans, which is a plus because you could get  to meet with artists right in the heart of their craft.  The store is currently located at Parkview Estate by the entrance, Off Gerard road, Ikoyi.


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