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"WHO and Borno State Launch 10-Day Polio Vaccination Campaign for Over 2 Million Children

The World Health Organization, in collaboration with the Borno State Government, has initiated a 10-day polio vaccination drive across all 27 local government areas within the state.

This extensive campaign aims to reach over two million children, including those residing in remote regions.

The vaccination program includes two types of vaccines: fIPV (fractional doses of the inactivated poliovirus vaccine) and nOPV (novel oral poliomyelitis vaccine type-2), targeting children aged 0-59 months.

To kick off the campaign, Prof. Baba M. Gana, Borno State Commissioner for Health and Human Services, represented by Dr. Aliyu Shettima, the Director of Disease Control and Immunization, emphasized that vaccination teams would be strategically placed in fixed locations such as schools, markets, orphanage homes, motor parks, and public gatherings.

Additionally, traditional and religious leaders are expected to play a crucial role in achieving the campaign's goals, with gratitude expressed to the WHO for their unwavering support.

Dr. Moisule Hussaini Ganga, the WHO acting Director for Borno State, stated, "The World Health Organization will continue supporting the state government in immunizing eligible children, even in hard-to-reach areas. This campaign has the potential to eliminate any potential viruses, including the wild poliovirus, and we are optimistic about achieving a 100 percent success rate."

He also commended the WHO for its steadfast commitment to the state's goal of ensuring access to high-quality health services.

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