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WAEC To Introduce CBT For WASSCE

The West African Examination Council WAEC is making significant progress in implementing the Computer Based Test (CBT) mode for its exams.

Mr. Patrick Areghan, the Head of National Office (HNO), shared this information in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos on Saturday.

Areghan discussed the remarkable accomplishments and progress made by the council during his tenure as he approaches the end of his three-year term on October 1st.

Areghan expressed that his vision for the council included implementing the CBT mode for administering examinations in the near future.

  • ”We have already started something in terms of CBT examination. We have gone far with our planning and all of that, even in the sub region, the registrar to council is also doing something.“But this is not as easy as some people will think. This is because we ask ourselves, how do we conduct CBT for practicals and essay papers?, he asked.

  • We can easily implement CBT for objective questions, but many people overlook the fact that not all schools have computer literacy, computer facilities, or reliable electricity."

  • "We need to address the challenges of theory and practical papers in CBT exams. However, I want the council to gradually introduce CBT, starting with objective questions and later incorporating theory and practicals. Some schools may still prefer the traditional pencil and paper mode. Let's envision WAEC in that way."

  • Apart from introducing CBT, I also want to see the council fully digitalized in the near future. Under my watch, almost every section of the council has been digitalized. I want to see more technology deployment, making WAEC a technology-driven examination body. I also want to expand WAEC's visibility internationally and explore the possibility of Nigerian children in the diaspora taking WASSCE overseas.

  • Additionally, I aim to replicate the digital certificate we launched in Nigeria throughout the entire sub region, allowing candidates to access their certificates from anywhere in the world. This would be a great legacy for WAEC.

  • Under my watch, we have achieved another milestone with the council's Digital Security Printing Press. After 71 years, this introduction is a significant legacy. We have also implemented internal initiatives like the Staff Bus scheme to alleviate the impact of high transportation costs due to fuel subsidy removal, he said.

  • “So, I give God all the glory that I have been able to conduct all the examinations, even in the COVID-19 years, from 2020 to 2023,” the outgoing council boss told NAN.

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