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US grants N23.2bn financial aid, scholarships to Nigerian students in 2022

As revealed by Adnan Siddiqi, the Counsellor for Public Affairs at the United States Embassy in Nigeria, a total of N23.2 billion in financial aid and scholarships were awarded to Nigerian students studying in the US in 2022. Siddiqi made this announcement during the 22nd annual U.S. Embassy and Education USA College Fair, EducationUSA. The financial aid and scholarships were provided to students who received guidance from EducationUSA. The fair serves as a platform to provide information on studying in the USA and various career paths.

No fewer than 14,400 Nigerian students are currently studying in institutions across the US, Siddiqi said.

According to Adnan Siddiqi, Nigeria has the highest number of students studying in the United States among all African countries. Currently, over 14,400 Nigerian students are pursuing their studies in 973 institutions across all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Texas is the most popular state among Nigerian students. Siddiqi attributed this increase to the annual college fair, which has been instrumental in attracting outstanding applicants and securing additional financial aid and scholarship opportunities for Nigerian students.



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