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Ukraine’s special services ‘likely’ behind strikes on Wagner-backed forces in Sudan

CNN's investigation suggests that Ukrainian special services were likely responsible for a series of drone strikes and a ground operation against a Wagner-backed militia near Sudan's capital. This raises the possibility that the consequences of Russia's invasion of Ukraine have extended beyond the frontlines.

In an interview with CNN, a Ukrainian military source referred to the operation as the work of a "non-Sudanese military." When asked directly if Kyiv was responsible for the attacks, the source hinted that Ukrainian special services were likely involved. The operation targeted the paramilitary group Rapid Support Forces (RSF), which is believed to have support from Wagner in its fight against the Sudanese army. Although CNN couldn't independently verify Ukraine's involvement, video footage obtained by them showed similarities to Ukrainian-style drone attacks.

Ukraine has not officially acknowledged their involvement in the attacks, as shown in the drone footage. While portions of the videos have been circulating on social media, footage of the ground operation has not been published before. A senior Sudanese military source claimed to have no knowledge of a Ukrainian operation in Sudan and doubted its veracity. Additionally, multiple US officials expressed surprise and were unaware of any alleged incident involving Ukrainian forces conducting the strikes and ground operation.



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