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UK Partners With Nigeria, Provides Aid For Nigerian Passport Applicants

In a bid to streamline the passport application process for Nigerian citizens living in the United Kingdom and provide assistance to those awaiting biometrics appointments, the Nigerian Immigration Service, in partnership with the Nigerian High Commission in London, has announced a Passport Intervention Program set to take place in Manchester.

Program Dates and Location:

Running from Monday, October 16, 2023,to Friday, October 20, 2023, the program will operate daily from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. The designated venue for this initiative is the Nigerian Community House located in Greater Manchester M14 5NE.

Registration a Must:

To participate in the program, attendees are required to register in advance. The registration process is available via [Eventbrite](

Document Requirements:

As part of the passport application process, applicants are expected to furnish the following documents:

- A copy of their National Identification Number (NIN) slip,which must be validated before proceeding with the passport application.

- Completed passport online application forms along with payment and acknowledgment slips.

- The most recent physical Nigerian passport.

- A prepaid special delivery envelope.

- A *£20 postal order* made payable to the "Nigeria High Commission, London."

Additional Requirements for First-Time Adult Passport Applicants (Aged 18 and Above):

- Original and photocopy of their full birth certificate, displaying the names of both parents.

- Photocopy of any non-Nigerian passport if holding dual nationality.

- Photocopy of at least one parent's Nigerian passport.

Requirements for Minor Passport Applicants (Under 18) Seeking Their First Passport:

- Original and photocopy of their full birth certificate, showing the names of both parents.

- Photocopy of a non-Nigerian passport if holding dual nationality.

- Photocopies of both parents' passports, one of which must be Nigerian.

- A consent letter, signed by both parents. In cases where consent from either parent is unavailable, a court order (not a solicitor’s letter) is mandatory.

Requirements for Name Change Due to Marriage or Divorce:

- A copy of their *National Identification Number (NIN) slip,* reflecting the new surname (Note: NIN validation is essential).

- In the case of marriage, applicants must provide a signed consent letter from their spouse, original and photocopy of the marriage certificate, and a photocopy of the spouse’s passport.

- In the case of divorce, applicants must submit photocopies and originals of the decree absolute or final divorce order issued by the court, along with evidence of the maiden name.

Applicants seeking any other change of data are advised to visit the London Immigration Centre at the High Commission.

Important Note:

Applicants are reminded that a registration ticket is an absolute requirement for entry into the program.

For further information and inquiries, please visit [Nigeria High Commission UK]( or [Nigerian Immigration Service]( Questions can also be directed to



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