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Seven Things To Know About The Lagos Blue Line Rail

Diaspora News brings you seven things which you should know about the Lagos Blue Line Rail.

1. According to LAMATA feasibility study, about 175,000 passengers will use the blue line rail on daily basis.

2. The rail operation today will be the very first real operation to be run by electric power, hence, LAMATA said it has it has bee very meticulous in ensuring that all the issues are dealt with, including the provision of the power, health and safety, operational modalities, to ensure the safety of all of our passengers are taken care of.

3. After it kicks off operation today, the rail operations will begin to run by 6.30 a.m till 10.00 p.m on daily basis.

4. The train service will begin with 12 trips daily from Mile 2 to Marina for at least two weeks, and the service would gradually increase.After four weeks of commencement, the train trips would increase to 30 trips.

5. Passengers and commuters have been warned to avoid crossing the track of the Blue Rail line to avoid instant electrocution – overhead bridges have been provided by the government for those who want to cross from one side to the other.

6. Passengers will board the train with the use of Cowry Cards and are not allowed to drink or eat in the train.

7. The train fare was initially fixed at N750 from Marina to Mile 2, N500 from Marina to National Theatre and N400 to Iganmu-Orile. But with the palliative of Governor Sanwo-Olu passengers would pay N375 from Mile 2 to Marina.



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