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Senate President, Akpabio Calls for Serious Attention To Nigerian Diaspora Issues

Akpabio condemns discrimination against Nigerians Abroad, calls for serious attention to diaspora issues.

Godwill Akpabio, the Senate President, strongly denounced the pervasive discrimination faced by Nigerians residing in foreign countries. He made this statement as the Senate directed its committees on Diaspora and Foreign Affairs to investigate the circumstances surrounding the incarceration of 250 Nigerians currently serving prison sentences in Ethiopia. The Senate set a deadline of two weeks for the committees to report their findings.

This decision was reached during a plenary session following a motion presented by the Senate's Minority Leader, Simon Mwadkwon.

Akpabio emphasized the importance of addressing the challenges encountered by Nigerians in the diaspora, asserting, "The life of every Nigerian matters a lot. I also use this opportunity to urge the relevant authorities of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to take the lives of Nigerians very seriously, both in Nigeria and in the diaspora."

He further highlighted the discrimination issues faced by Nigerians in countries such as South Africa, where some nations have even ceased to accept Nigerian green passports for entry. Akpabio emphasized that some of these countries are smaller in size than Enugu State, underscoring the need for a robust response to safeguard the rights and dignity of Nigerians abroad.

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