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Senate Launches Investigation into Alleged Killings and Detention of 250 Nigerians in Ethiopia

The Senate has taken decisive action by directing its Committees on Diaspora and Foreign Affairs, in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to initiate an investigation into the reported unlawful killings and incarceration of 250 Nigerians in Ethiopia.

The upper chamber has set a two-week deadline for the committees to provide a comprehensive report.

This resolution stems from a motion titled "Urgent Need to Investigate the Unlawful Killings and Incarceration of over 250 Nigerians in Ethiopia," which was sponsored by Senate Minority Leader, Simon Mwadkwon, and co-sponsored by Senator Victor Umeh (LP-Anambra) during a recent plenary session.

Mwadkwon expressed concern about the ongoing reports of mistreatment and torture suffered by Nigerians in Ethiopia without clear evidence of any crimes committed. He emphasized that there is a lack of court proceedings or convictions related to these individuals, and thus, there is no justification for stripping them of their dignity or endangering their lives.

He further highlighted that while Nigerians face economic and social challenges, it is unacceptable for approximately 250 individuals to experience inhumane and degrading treatment. Mwadkwon stressed that these 250 lives matter greatly and require immediate intervention by the Senate.

Senator Mohammed Monguno (APC-Borno) echoed the importance of upholding the constitution's commitment to protecting lives and property. He emphasized that the primary responsibility of government is to safeguard the well-being of its citizens and urged all branches of government to work together to resolve this distressing situation.

Senator Titus Zam (APC-Benue) emphasized the humanitarian obligation to protect Nigerian citizens wherever they may be. He called for urgent measures, including collaboration with the Nigerian embassy in Ethiopia, to find a resolution that ensures the safety and well-being of these Nigerians.



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