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President Tinubu pens love letter to wife at 63

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu praised his wife, First Lady Remi Tinubu, as she celebrates her 63rd birthday tomorrow. Tinubu, currently in New York for the UN General Assembly, expressed his admiration for her as a trusted partner whose sacrifices have been instrumental in his journey.

In the letter he signed personally, the President said,

“Happy 63rd birthday to the love of my life, Oluremi. My trusted partner in every venture, and the one special person who has consistently filled my days with joy and laughter over 36 amazing years.
“Today is not only a day to mark another year of your purposeful life but a beautiful reminder of the journey we have embarked upon together. “Through all these years, we have shared in the uncertainty of dangerous, but principled stands against tyranny. Many can not fully appreciate the sacrifices you made for us during that harrowing, dark era, but I do and always will. “We have experienced adventure, love, and laughter. We have celebrated victories, and we have wrestled down the monster of defeat, and we have done all in an inextricable bond. “Our bond has only grown stronger through thick and thin, and our love and commitment to each other has only deepened with time.
“Thank you for being the ever-present sunshine that brightens my darkest hours.
“Your kindness, your wisdom, and your inner and outer beauty continue to amaze me more each and every day. “As we celebrate your birthday, I want you to know how profoundly grateful I am for your serene presence in my life. “I look forward to many more years filled with even greater laughter and love as we continue on this path together, which God Almighty had predestined for us.“May the Good Lord, whom you serve with all your heart, continue to bless you with good health and longevity.
“Happy birthday, Iyawo Mi!”

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