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Ondo State Task Force arrests counterfeit drug manufacturer operating in 13 states.

A counterfeit drug manufacturer, operating in 13 states across Nigeria under the name Brother Paul Legacy Foundation, has been apprehended by the Ondo State Task Force against fake and counterfeit drugs.

The task force captured this illicit drug dealer at the organization's office in the Cultural area of Ondo Road, Akure, the state capital, based on a tip-off.

According to Mrs. Folukemi Aladenola, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health, this fraudulent drug organization was found in possession of concoctions that they claimed could cure various health conditions. They asserted they could treat ailments like cancer, low sperm count, diabetes, hypertension, hepatitis, and infertility. Moreover, they falsely claimed to be registered with NAFDAC.

Mrs. Aladenola revealed that this organization was active in 13 other states within Nigeria.

She emphasized that the state government has made efforts to provide accessible healthcare for its citizens, even suspending registration fees in government facilities. This was done to ease the impact of fuel subsidy removal. Despite this, people were still seeking treatment from these imposters, paying prices ranging from N5,000 to N10,000.

She encouraged people to utilize government healthcare facilities, where quality drugs are available at affordable prices, emphasizing that the era of drug shortages is over.

Lastly, Mrs. Aladenola urged the public to seek healthcare services from qualified professionals and accredited government or private facilities. The apprehended organization would be handed over to the appropriate authorities for sanctions.



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