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Nigeria Strengthens Security Partnership With EU

EU to collaborate with Nigeria counter-terrorism efforts

The Federal Government of Nigeria is poised to strengthen bilateral relations with the European Union (EU) in the realm of security cooperation.

This commitment was articulated by the Minister of Defence, Mr. Mohammed Badaru, as conveyed in a statement by Mr. Hope Attari, the Acting Director of Press and Public Relations at the Ministry of Defence in Abuja.

During a meeting with the delegation from the European External Actions Service (EEAS) at the Ship House, Badaru expressed Nigeria's eagerness to rekindle its partnership with the EU. The focus of this renewed collaboration would be combating violent extremism, ensuring peace and security, and fostering regional cooperation.

Badaru underscored the importance of intelligence and security equipment from the EU to address the multifaceted security challenges facing Nigeria. These challenges encompass banditry in the North West and North Central, Boko Haram insurgency in the North East, oil-related vandalism in the South South, regional tensions in the South East, and general insecurity in the Gulf of Guinea and the Lake Chad region.

Similarly, the Minister of State for Defence, Dr. Bello Matawalle, emphasized Nigeria's pivotal role as the "Giant of Africa" and stressed the significance of EU cooperation in addressing the security issues plaguing the nation. He asserted that the safety of Nigeria is intrinsically linked to the safety of the entire African continent, underscoring the need for EU support in tackling insecurity within the country.

The head of the EEAS delegation, Deputy Secretary-General Helena Konig, outlined the purpose of their visit, which was to ascertain Nigeria's security priorities and areas where the EU could provide intervention. These priority areas will be further discussed in detail during an upcoming high-level ministerial meeting.

Helena Konig highlighted the EU's eagerness to collaborate extensively with Nigeria in counter-terrorism efforts, aiming to stabilize the region. She acknowledged Nigeria's pivotal role in maintaining the territorial integrity of Africa, making it a strong supporter in the region's security efforts.

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