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Nigeria Faces Passport Devaluation, Loses Privileges

Turkey, Ethopia withdraw privileges

In addition to steep travel expenses, Nigerians with green passports now face widespread visa-on-arrival rejections due to the global depreciation of their passports.

According to the recent Q3 Henley Passport Index, Nigeria ranks among the 20 worst passports to hold in 2023, offering visa-free access to just 46 countries.

Traveler Naziru Mikail Abubakar shared his ordeal when traveling from Abuja to Gothenburg for the 2023 Global Investigative Journalism Conference (GIJC). He encountered unexpected challenges with his Nigerian passport, including the inability to obtain a Turkish e-visa, a previously seamless process.

This passport devaluation has led to the loss of privileges in various countries, with several nations, including Turkey and Ethiopia, discontinuing visa-on-arrival or e-visa services for Nigerian passport holders.



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