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NGO Empowers Lagos Youths With Workshop On Politics And Crime Prevention

Ta’awun Political Forum, an NGO, conducted a workshop for Youths on improving Nigeria

The Ta’awun Political Forum, an NGO, conducted a workshop in Lagos aimed at educating students and youths about active participation in politics, crime prevention, and other aspects of improving Nigeria.

Mr. Lasisi Taiwo, the President of the forum, delivered a keynote address during the event, which had the theme "Nigeria @ 63: Youths and Crime Prevention for a Better Nigeria." The workshop drew participants from various sectors, including schools, students, parents, lawyers, youths, and the Nigerian Police.

Taiwo emphasized that the workshop was organized to mark Nigeria's 63rd Independence anniversary and to enlighten the youth, particularly students, about nation-building, civic responsibilities, and preventing crime in politics. He mentioned that the goal was to empower the youth to become trainers in their communities, preparing them for civic duties and promoting socio-political progress.

Taiwo stressed the significance of youth engagement in politics and urged them to reject political and religious violence, thuggery, and the vandalism of public property for the betterment of Nigeria. He also called upon governments at all levels to strengthen institutions, invest in manpower, and foster a positive shift in public attitudes towards politics and governance.

In addition, Taiwo highlighted various initiatives of the NGO, including health programs, support for free education, empowerment projects, and charitable contributions to society. He noted that the NGO had been active since 2020/2021, supporting the Kosofe Local Government administration and President Bola Tinubu's presidential bid.

While acknowledging challenges faced by the NGO, such as limited resources and government support, Taiwo appealed to government representatives and religious leaders for sponsorship and assistance in executing impactful projects. He encouraged religious leaders to promote unity, love, support for government, and humanity through their platforms.

Mrs. Abolanle Bada, Chairman of Ikosi Isheri LCDA, emphasized the importance of empowering the younger generation and advocated for crime prevention through education, mentorship, and constructive activities. Mr. Raji Umaru, the representative of Area H Police Command, stressed the significance of discipline, avoiding negative peer influences, and upholding moral values. He clarified that while raiding was constitutional for crime prevention, bail should always be free.

A workshop participant, Master Theophilus Kaba, shared how the workshop had enlightened him about politics, democracy, diversity, and the importance of reducing corruption. Kaba also called for unity in Nigeria, believing it could lead the country to greater heights. The workshop featured interactive sessions focusing on independence, growth, development, and discussions on crime prevention.

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