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"Multiculturalism Must Be Guarded"- Obasanjo

At 2023 World Culture Festival in Washington DC, USA, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo addressed misconceptions on multiculturalism.

Former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, highlighted the significance of embracing and safeguarding the world's diversity as he delivered a keynote address at the 2023 World Culture Festival in Washington DC, USA.

He asserted, "Multiculturalism was designed for mankind by God and must be cherished, jealously guarded, and sustained by the people." Obasanjo emphasized that diversity is a gift from God and should be appreciated, stating, "God has given us life in a world of diversity and multiculturalism."

He addressed the misconception of blaming issues such as greed, violence, and insecurity on diversity, saying, "Some would want to blame these on diversity or multiculturalism. That, if I may say, is wrong."

Instead, he acknowledged that God's creation of a diverse world offers excitement and wonder, remarking, "If God has created sameness in the world, it would have been a world of monotony, staleness, unexcitement, dullness, and boredom."

Obasanjo stressed the importance of humanity's role in infusing love, kindness, brotherhood, and unity into this diverse tapestry, stating, "We have an unrelenting task of working to add love, kindness, brotherhood, humanity, and humanness to the world of diversity God has given us."

He concluded by expressing the vision of achieving "one world of peace, common security, stability, wholesomeness, growth, shared prosperity, inclusive society, and God's kingdom on earth. That is our goal to achieve."

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