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Israel and Gaza: Netanyahu Declares War Amidst Surprise Attack

Israel Plunges into Conflict: Netanyahu Declares War as Gaza Launches Surprise Attack

In a sudden and shocking turn of events, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that Israel is now in a state of war. Gaza militants launched a surprise attack on a Saturday morning, unleashing a barrage of thousands of rockets and infiltrating Israel through various means – by land, sea, and even using paragliders.

The toll has been devastating on both sides. In Israel, officials report a grim count of at least 200 people dead, with hundreds more wounded. The fighting rages on, with fresh rocket attacks striking areas in Tel Aviv on a harrowing Saturday evening.

In Gaza, the situation is equally dire, with at least 232 Palestinians losing their lives and over 1,600 left wounded, according to the Palestinian health ministry.

Israel has responded with airstrikes targeting the territory, intensifying the violence.

Adding to the chaos, Hamas claims to have captured numerous Israelis, including soldiers. Authenticated videos broadcasted by CNN reveal dramatic scenes of these captives. Israel's military has confirmed the hostage situation, further escalating the gravity of the conflict.



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