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Israel And Gaza Feud: Death Toll Hits 1,000

The Israeli-Hamas conflict continues to escalate, with a death toll of 1,000 as Israel formally declares war on Hamas.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warns of a long and challenging war ahead. German nationals, who are also Israeli citizens, are among those kidnapped by Hamas.

The United States, led by President Joe Biden, pledges additional support for Israel in the face of the terrorist assault by Hamas.

This bloody escalation has resulted in over 600 Israeli casualties, the worst since the 1973 Arab-Israeli war. In Gaza, there have been at least 370 deaths and thousands wounded.

Israeli forces are engaged in battles with Hamas fighters in the South, aiming to rescue hostages and secure the region. The situation remains tense, with Israel reinforcing its military presence near the Gaza Strip as they strive to eliminate the threat posed by Hamas.

Shock and dismay spread across Israel as approximately 100 citizens are captured and taken into Gaza by Hamas, leading to distressing scenes and pleas for their rescue on social media.

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