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India Aviation Contemplates Ban On Perfume Amidst Alcohol Regulations

Perfume, tooth gel, mouth gel, etc containing alcohol believed to trigger false positive alcohol test results

A newly proposed regulation in India may extend consequences to pilots who use perfume.

The Office of the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), responsible for overseeing India's aviation industry, has recently suggested an update to its regulations concerning alcohol consumption.

While the guidelines already include references to non-alcoholic substances that can lead to positive breath tests, such as mouthwash, a new section now explicitly mentions perfume.

The revised rule states that no crew member should consume drugs or use substances like mouthwash, tooth gel, perfume, or similar products containing alcohol, as it could result in a positive breath analyzer test.

Crew members on medication of this nature are advised to consult the company doctor before taking on any flying assignments. It remains uncertain whether wearing alcohol-containing perfume on one's body could trigger a false positive test result.

These proposed changes are open for public comments until October 5, 2023. Pilot intoxication has sporadically posed issues in the aviation industry, as seen in cases like Katsutoshi Jitsukawa from Japan Airlines in 2018 and Delta pilot Gabriel Lyle Schroeder in the US.



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