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Gridlock as miscreants overrun abandoned Lagos bridge, road

Residents in Victoria Garden City and Ikota, Lagos State, are facing challenges due to miscreants occupying the abandoned overhead bridge and road. The construction delay has turned these areas into criminal hideouts, leading to harassment and theft during traffic congestion.

As at Thursday, the entire area was covered by dust, with residents and road users covering their noses and faces, while others expressed fear of being faced with serious health implications.

A yam seller identified s as Abigail said

“It is affecting our businesses. The dust is too much. We cannot stay outside here without covering our mouths and noses with masks or shawls. “I have been here for over three years. Everything was not like this before. The market is not moving like before.”

According to David, the road's condition has resulted in significant traffic congestion, particularly when a truck breaks down.

“The dust alone is killing our business. Look at all those people selling food. They are exposed to this dust. Traffic can happen any time of the day. As you can see, it’s not much. “But any moment from now everywhere will be at a standstill. A truck can just break down on the side of the road, and the whole place becomes a mess, he said

One resident, who prefers to remain anonymous, expressed concerns about the gridlock, absence of street lights and traffic lights, which have made road users and residents vulnerable to robbery and harassment by miscreants taking advantage of the darkness.

Meanwhile, the Financial Secretary of the Ikota Community Development Association, Oluwafemi Omole, added,

"The issue is that all this while, the government was supposed to have completed this road.“Sometimes you will see the contractors working on the road, but a lot of the time, they won’t show up for months. We don’t really understand if the government is the one having problems or the contractors they gave the work to. We don’t know why they abandoned that project.
“We appeal to the government to come to our aid. Since they have started the job, they should please wrap it up for us. They should hasten the contractors; whatever challenges they have should be resolved and sorted out so that they can start the work and wrap it up as soon as possible.”

Mr. Adeshina Odunuga, the Director of Media and Publicity at the State Ministry of Works, could not be reached for comment as his phone went unanswered on Thursday.

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