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Five Places To Eat Amala In England's Capital

•Amala Restaurants London

Amala, a cherished traditional Nigerian dish, holds a significant place in the country's rich culinary heritage. This starchy side dish, known as a 'swallow,' is traditionally paired with a diverse array of soups and stews, making it a staple in Nigerian cuisine. Amala is crafted primarily from yam flour or cassava flour, skillfully mixed with hot water to achieve a smooth, dough-like texture.

Source: Amala Home Central

It finds its perfect match in a variety of flavorful soups and stews, including renowned options like Egusi soup, Gbegiri soup, and Ewedu soup.

While Amala is particularly associated with the Yoruba people of southwestern Nigeria, its popularity has transcended regional boundaries and is now enjoyed across the entire country, often gracing the tables during special occasions and celebrations.

For Nigerians residing in the United Kingdom, the good news is that you don't have to miss out on the delectable taste of Amala. Here are some places in England where you can savor this authentic Nigerian flavor.

1. 805 Restaurant

Located in London's Old Kent Road, 805 Restaurant is known for its authentic Nigerian cuisine. They serve delicious Amala alongside a variety of soups and stews. The restaurant provides a cozy and welcoming atmosphere for diners to enjoy their meal.

2. Nkono

Situated in Brixton Village, Nkono offers a taste of West African cuisine, including Amala. It's a popular spot for those seeking traditional Nigerian flavors. The vibrant and bustling Brixton atmosphere adds to the dining experience.

3. Enish Nigerian Restaurant

Located in Peckham, Enish is a well-regarded Nigerian restaurant serving Amala among other Nigerian delicacies. The restaurant prides itself on providing a genuine taste of Nigerian home cooking.

4. Taste of Nigeria

Found in Lewisham, Taste of Nigeria is a cozy restaurant offering a range of Nigerian dishes, including Amala. It's known for its friendly service and flavorful, authentic cuisine.

5. 280 Degrees African Restaurant and Bar

Located at 280 Kilburn High Rd, London NW6 2BY, United Kingdom, 280 is a remarkable leisure destination. With its contemporary architectural interior design, it offers a delightful atmosphere, providing patrons with a fresh and unique African dining experience. The restaurant ensures a distinctive culinary journey, suitable for intimate dinners or private gatherings. Its strategic location, known as the "Stomach Infrastructure Palace," welcomes all Nigerians and Africans to indulge in exclusive refreshments with friends, family, and loved ones.



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