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Facts About Nigerian Students In Diaspora

Facts about Nigerin Students In Diaspora renowned abilities and challenges

Nigeria diaspora students are those who pursue their education in other countries, often for economic, political, or cultural reasons.

They can face various challenges and opportunities in their academic and professional journeys, as well as maintain a strong connection to their homeland. According to the web search results, some of the facts about Nigeria diaspora students are:

1. Nigeria remains one of the world’s foremost student sending markets, with over 71,753 Nigerian students studying abroad in 2020.

2. The UK is one of the most sought-after destinations for Nigerian students, with 25 per cent of foreign students on scholarship in 2021.

3. Nigerian students in the UK often struggle to adapt to the foreign educational system, such as language barriers, academic expectations, plagiarism, and racism.

4. Nigerian students in the diaspora are renowned for their resilience and determination to work hard, as well as their parental ambition and cultural values.

5. Nigerians are the most highly educated of all groups in the US, with 61 per cent holding at least a bachelor’s degree.

6. Nigerians in the diaspora contribute to the development and innovation of both their home and host countries, as well as foster international cooperation and understanding.



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