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CSO Urges Tinubu To Implement Policies That Support Food Production

One, a civil society organization, has urged President Bola Tinubu to implement policies that promote food production and enhance agricultural productivity.

Following Tinubu's recent address at the United Nations General Assembly, a civil society organization, One, is urging President Bola Tinubu to implement policies that promote food production and enhance agricultural productivity in Nigeria.

According to Diaspora News, Tinubu sought assistance to restore democratic governance in a way that tackles the political and economic challenges facing the nation, including violent extremists who aim to create instability in the region.

He highlighted that Africa's economic challenges are different from Europe's historical context, emphasizing the importance of strong cooperation to tackle its development challenges.

Nigeria Director of the campaign, Stanley Achonu, in a communique on Friday said, “President Tinubu’s call for a fairer partnership is timely. Nigeria and many African nations are grappling with the lack of affordable capital to drive development agendas. Wealthy nations must expedite efforts to reform the World Bank and ensure accessible financing for Africa.”

He also mentioned that African countries face a 500% higher borrowing cost from capital markets compared to international institutions like the World Bank due to limited access to affordable financing. He commended the President's efforts in promoting global partnerships but stressed the importance of taking decisive domestic action and ensuring policy coherence in areas crucial to Nigeria's progress, such as fiscal management, subsidy removal, health system strengthening, industrialization, job creation, climate action, and poverty alleviation.

He emphasized that progress starts at home and urged the President to lead by example in addressing important national issues. The President should show a strong commitment to domestic policy reforms, including the removal of fuel subsidies, which has received praise from experts. Policy coherence is crucial for economic and national stability. Recent reports suggesting the reinstatement of the fuel subsidy are disappointing. The government should uphold its commitment to subsidy removal and ensure that its positive impact benefits underprivileged citizens through strategic investments and short-term measures.

He highlighted the importance of reducing the cost of governance and ensuring that all Nigerians, not just the vulnerable ones, make necessary sacrifices. He suggested implementing the Orosanye report as a way to reallocate resources to critical sectors.



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