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China Corporation To Construct Water Supply Plant In Nigeria

China Geo-engineering Corporation (CGC) Nigeria Ltd. has reaffirmed its commitment to constructing four pipeline loops aimed at increasing water supply capacity by 480,000 cubic meters per day in Nigeria. This announcement was made through a statement published on the AU's website.

The project entails the installation of 415 kilometers of ductile-iron water distribution pipelines with diameters ranging from DN1500 to DN200. CGC's Water Supply Division boasts extensive experience in engineering projects, international competitiveness, water project construction capabilities, and project subcontracting management skills.

Furthermore, the organization excels in design consulting, operation management, and market growth, contributing to economic and social development in Nigeria. Since 2001, CGC has built more than 100 water plants across 36 states in Nigeria, benefiting 70 million people by improving daily life and boosting water supply.

One noteworthy project is the Greater Abuja Water Supply Project, initiated in May 2021, which aims to enhance the city's water supply capacity by 480,000 cubic meters per day through the construction of four pipeline loops spanning 415 kilometers of ductile iron water distribution pipelines. This project is expected to alleviate water scarcity in 50 districts, benefiting approximately 2.5 million residents.

Beyond providing water supply, the project is a comprehensive effort to improve the quality of life in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) by promoting safe, reliable, and ample water access. It will boost living standards, create employment opportunities, stimulate local economic growth, and promote sustainable development.

CGC's commitment extends to strengthening the FCT's water supply system, supporting economic, social, and cultural development, and enhancing Nigeria's international reputation and soft power. CGC is a well-established Chinese company actively involved in various sectors, including construction, agriculture, mining, water supply, real estate, manufacturing, and trade in Nigeria.

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